mirror world publishing 

Independant Canadian Publisher of Escapism Fiction   

 Our General Submissions are currently CLOSED!

Our submission period each year is typically from November 1st to mid-December. 

If you're here to prepare, here are our submission guidelines: 

To submit to Mirror World Publishing, please send the following:

  •  A query letter (clearly stating the genre, word count, and target audience of your manuscript)
  •  A one-page synopsis of the plot, including the ending
  •  The first three chapters or an equivalent sample, attached as a .doc or .docx file

All submissions should be sent to:



Expect us to take up to six to eight weeks to respond. We promise to try our best to provide some feedback regardless of acceptance and we respond to all queries we receive. 

Our submissions period annually is typically from November 1st until December 24th. Outside of this period, we accept submissions by personal invitation only. 

In the meantime, we encourage you to improve your submission by watching the videos below, reading our guidelines, or keeping up with our blog for helpful tips and tricks of the trade.

We are a small independent Canadian press of escapism fiction for all ages and we are passionate about success. We partner with our authors to make the books we produce the best they can be and we aim to market them together for maximum exposure. 
We're proud to be able to offer our books as both paperbacks and e-books. We offer higher royalties than the industry standard  (50% of net profits), author copies at better than wholesale rates, and worldwide distribution. We respond to all queries we receive within six to eight weeks with a personal response including suggestions on how to improve your manuscript even if it is not the right fit for us, so there is no need to send a follow-up inquiry. We also promise never to charge our authors for anything. 
Please note: We are a traditional style publishing house, NOT a vanity press, which means we DO NOT charge our authors ANYTHING to publish with us. We proudly support our authors in any way we can and we gladly pay them royalties on every sale. 

We're looking for Escapism Fiction...

Our goal is to provide our readers with the ability to escape the mundane through wildly creative fiction. We're looking for books that act as gateways to other worlds, times, or versions of reality. We prefer strong story telling and strong character development as well as imaginative settings and interesting themes. If your manuscript transports a reader somewhere else, tells an engaging story, and then brings them back feeling like they learned or experienced something new or unique, then we want to publish your book!


As for genres, we consider primarily:

  •  Speculative Fiction
  •  Fantasy
  •  Science-Fiction
  •  Romance
  •  LGBT-themed
  •  Adventure
  •  Paranormal
  •  Comedy
  •  Historical
  •  Portal Fiction
  •  A blend of any two or more of the above genres
  •  Cross-genre, mixed genre, or things that don't fit genre norms
  •  Outside the box thinking, imaginative and creative fiction
  •  Adult, New Adult, Young Adult, Middle Grade, or Children's (please specify your target market) 


As for types of manuscripts, we consider primarily:

  •  Novels (130,000 words maximum)
  •  Novellas (25,000 words minimum)
  •  Collections of poetry or short stories with a cohesive theme or a continuous story arc only*
  •  Graphic Novels (art included)
  •  Children's books (art included)
  •  Colouring books (art included)
  •  Role-playing System Guidebooks (art included)
  •  Cookbooks (art or photography included)

We don't like to limit ourselves, so if you have something you think would fit with our current list of published works, please send it. We'd rather take a chance outside our comfort zones than miss something great.

That being said, here's a list of things we're NOT interested in:

  • Non-fiction
  • Memoirs or autobiographies
  • Literary fiction
  • Self-help or inspirational fiction
  • Hard Sci-Fi or Military Sci-Fi
  • Horror / Thriller / Suspense / True crime
  • Christian or other religious fiction
  • Contemporary fiction / Contemporary romance
  • Poetry anthologies or short stories

For more information on what we're looking for and advice on how to put together your submissions package, please refer to the information and videos on the left. We also have more tips and tricks on our blog. Thank you for considering us and we look forward to reading your submissions.