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Our Submissions are NOW CLOSED. If you would like to prepare for our next submission period, we encourage you to review our submission guidelines and check our contest page.

The Demons of the Square Mile

by Laurence Raphael Brothers, launched March 17th! 

The sequel to The Demons of Wall Street is here! An urban paranormal romance, the Nora Simeon Investigations series is back. Catch up with our kickass detective and her paramour/sidekick, the overly handsome Eyre on their next adventure in a world filled with magic and mischievous demons.

Far, Far Away Anthology

7 Stories in 7 Realms of Science Fiction and Fantasy

Last summer we held a contest. This summer, we're launching the anthology featuring the winning short stories and novellas. This anthology will have it all; love, adventure, time travel, magic, space travel, survival, loss, and hope. You won't want to miss this one!

Pre-Order Now! The Anthology launches June 17th, 2021. 

Lands of Jade: Crimson Winter 2

by J.A. Dowsett, launches July 17th, 2021

Next up, Yukari and her friends are back, this time ready to protect the Kingdom of Taiyou from the Vile Emperor and his Deathsquads only to learn that there may be an even bigger threat on the horizon.

Cover Reveal coming soon, launches July 17th, 2021.