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Our mission is to be a place where readers of all ages can escape to imaginative other worlds through character-driven stories of love and adventure.

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Uncharted is a romantic comedy set on the high seas of a fantasy world. Meredith, a fugitive priestess takes her fate into her own hands when she stows away on a naval ship belonging to two mysterious men. To clear her name she will have to go on the journey of a lifetime and in the meantime discover that destiny is not a matter of chance, but a matter of choice. Order now!

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Up Next! Lost and Found

Book#1 - Mysterious Tales from Fairy Falls 
by Sharon Ledwith

The Cover Reveal is coming May 8th and this book launches June 17th! Stay Tuned! 

Imagine a teenager possessing a psychic ability and struggling to cope with this freakish power, all the while trying to lead a normal life. Now, imagine being uprooted and forced to live in a small tourist town where nothing much ever happens... Read More...