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Our mission is to enable readers of all ages in escaping to imaginative other worlds through character-driven stories of love and adventure.

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Nate Friedman's
The Last Hockey Fight

Coming February 17th, 2018! Preorder NOW!!

So what is The Last Hockey Fight all about? Well, it’s an illustrated chapter book for kids who love hockey. It follows Canadian hockey player, Billy ‘The Bruiser’ Fenton with a play by play account of the last season of his colourful career, culminating in a spectacular effort to save the tradition of hockey fights.... Keep Reading

We're announcing our 2018 line up!

The List so far... 

The Last Hockey Fight by Nate Friedman - Feb 17
Ghosts and Exiles by Sandra Unerman - April 17
Mirror's Deceit by JA Dowsett and M. Damodred - May 17

Unmoored by Justine Alley Dowsett

We've got a new serial short story on the blog! 

RED IN THE FACE, RENAUD Laurent stood in Turrellin’s only inn and slammed his cup down, splashing ale on the table’s checkered cloth. “I’ll bet any one of you here,” he slurred in his thick French accent, “that I’m the luckiest man ever to have crossed the Ismeran Channel!”

Keep Reading Part 1...